Stop giving my kids Candy!

The other day I read Why Is Everyone Always Giving My Kids Junk Food? by  and it really made me think about other people giving them candy all the time. The most offender is of course his grandparents, who always gives him candy and even sneaks him candy.

We have tried telling his grandmother not to give him candy but still keeps to her words of “Grandparents are suppose to spoil their grand kids.” I agree that they should but to an extent on certain things; taking them on fun things to do, a toy (which means 1 toy per visit), and spending quality time with them. But she is the lady who buys my oldest son a package of gum and then gives it all to him so he puts it all in his mouth at once. Then tells my son not to tell us, his parents, that he was given candy. Which tweaks me in certain ways that are best left in my mind.

Now Yoni has been a father longer then me, so he has dealt with kids in school. My oldest just started Kindergarten but I have noticed that every “special” event is centered around sugar candy and daily snacks brought by each student per week. In fact we are about to go to his first classmates birthday party at Pizza Hut this week. Which I’m told will have a grab bag for kids with treats and free soda refills.

We have not been teaching my son about refills or rather no refills. When we do get a soda we tell him that we only paid for one if we actually want more we tell him we paid for 2. We hope that he learns that just cause you can get a refill doesn’t mean you need one. We explain about HFC and how bad sugar is for you and it becomes a nasty habit to always want sugary things. Always getting a refill is a habit that I am breaking from my own childhood including getting a refill before you leave the place.

It’s sad that we can’t go out for a nice family meal without getting bombarded with soda. Even the items on the kids menu have a “free soda and free dessert” with the meal. The looks we get from waitresses when we say no we don’t a refill or that we just want water gives us the feeling that they think we are poor and can’t afford to splurge on drinks. So we try to keep the outings to maybe 3 times a month.

Yes it’s to save money but more than not it’s to feed my family better. At times I feel like a Sugar Nazi at home but it’s all I can do to control the sugar my family consumes. And even at that we are looking for a replacement for the sugar in the kool-aid we drink. We drink it because we are eating healthier so it’s mainly water and a little milk, for now anyways. Soon we are going to switch over to a more organic milk.

One thought on “Stop giving my kids Candy!

  1. Correction…it is not the grandparents giving candy. It is the grandma. And she does this because this is her way of “buying” others’ love. She did this to her own children, which has affected me in more ways than I was ever aware. My mother taught me that sugar and chocolate fix everything. So when my sisters and I would have bad days, she would offer candy to cheer us up instead of words of encouragement. My mother was always “emotionally constipated” and too distracted by her own issues to pay much attention to her daughters’ struggles. Lesson learned: deal with your own problems before passing them on to your children.

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