Fatherhood Sucks

It came to me the other day as I was stuck taking another cold shower, sometimes it sucks to be a father. Whenever my family has to go somewhere and everyone showers guess who job it is to get the cold shower that’s left over. It’s almost a weekly ice bath that I am the lucky recipient of. No thank yous or I’m sorrys just hurry up dad mom wants to go. This is just one of the many rewards I get for being a dad.

Even ice cream can be taken away from me with a simple p-p-please. Of course not the whole ice cream but the bite at the end of the cone where the chocolate is at. I understand what Rodney Dangerfield meant by “I get no respect.” It sometimes makes me laugh when I think about because it was my favorite part to eat as a child. Even then I had to hurry up and eat it before something or one of my brothers would try a plan to get it from me.

Oh man I haven’t even mentioned the physical torture I have to go through to keep my dad card. The freezing days or the back breaking carries that I have to go through. We live in a windy mountain area so during the day it gets very warm but around 3 every day it starts to get windy. During walks or outings I always wear a light jacket because someone either my son or my girlfriend somehow thinks that they wont be cold this time. So there I am jacket-less freezing so that they can wear my jacket. Still no thank yous. Or else during the walks someone gets tired of walking or my littlest one starts to cry and there I am again holding a person in my arms.  I don’t hate my family for this but man, I miss my back.

As part of my oldest son’s punishment he cannot use the TV for the weekend. So that means that I can’t use the TV, which isn’t such a hard punishment for me but it’s just that I have to suffer also. This really sucks when we are going to go somewhere really fun like riding go-carts, (that day really was crappy.) And as a father I have to hold that feeling in so it doesn’t hurt their feelings on top of not being able to go.

Now I’m not saying I hate being a father because I love my little guys. But some of the little things I use to really look forward to are being stripped from me. Maybe it’s the part of me being a little greedy or selfish but I miss those little things. I guess this is what they call being a father, kinda wish there was a book to let you know what you were going to miss out on before I jumped on board this crazy ride.

St Patty's Day

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