First Father and Son Project – Bird House

So I got this summer idea off the net somewhere and figured it would be a great project to get my son started on building things with his hands. With no plans or idea of what to do we went to Menard. Not the brightest ideas but it was a way to get the proverbial ball rolling.

I used the guise that it was for her father who was visiting for the weekend. That meant the project was getting the green light. Going there and exploring the monster that is Menards was really fun for him, and a little for me also. We spent a good 30 mins for a small handsaw, a 4 foot piece of wood and an 8 foot piece of decorative trim. At the same time my girlfriend is getting antsy because we are spending too much time there. It was okay since it was more of an exploring and explaining what everything was to my very inquisitive son. Not a bad deal for everything being under $25.

So for the next few days we decided to work on it when mom got home so someone could watch the little guy, since he always wants to chew on everything.  It was fun watching my son for the first time using a safety glasses, a tape measure,  wood finish, a hammer and finally sawing. The look on his face when he first cut the wood was a face of  “cool” (that is the best way I can describe it).

Ayden's First CutNot having a +10 to Carpentry skills I think we did good on our little project. The finish came out a lot darker than we would like but he doesn’t care cause he had fun. I wish I could have remembered what Dad/Father site I read it on so I could give credit where credit is due.

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