Our First Adventure

My son wanted to do something fun and weird so we decided to go hiking. It was fun because we both have never gone just exploring without a map or destination.

So we packed a few bottles of water, some apples, and a few pears and left for Custer State Park. Yeah I’m not sure what we really should have taken to drink and eat but those sounded good for a couple of hours hiking. We did have a back pack with some half-assed supplies for survival if things got worse. I am trying to slowly build up my prepping life style while teaching my family to use these things.

We, by we I mean more me then us, are giving him more space so he can grow as a person without having to also feel like he stuck being a big brother.  So no more training wheels or mom kissing boo boos. He’s getting his first tools and pocket knife.

We actually did two trails that day. Yes, he did follow most of my rules. Yes, he did run a little too much ahead of me at certain times but I caulked it up to curiosity. Yes, he did fall a few times but not hurt himself. So it did turn out good for both of us and now we actually enjoy it.

Although he keeps jumping around from rock to rock because he doesn’t know how bad it’s going to feel when he falls and scrapes his knees. Which as parents we are both still waiting for.

He has the tall socks to stop ticks from getting to him.

He has the tall socks to stop ticks from getting to him.

He had to wear my long socks because a few days before our adventure we went to the grandparents’ house and he came home with a tick. It was the first time I have seen one on anyone, creeped me the F out.

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