First time cooking out

So for the first time I was given the task to start a fire with whatever I could find in the car and some firewood. So mentally I was already thinking what I could be doing, while also trying to figure out if stating a fire in Custer State Park was legal without a permit?

Which was on my mind since I have never started a fire by myself with no tools and definitely not in a state park. I really didn’t want a park ranger getting mad at me for starting a fire when it is a little windy.  Or be responsible for a forest fire just because my girlfriend wanted me to make some smores and hotdogs. Since this was her first time hiking, I decided it could be a celebration for her and Ayden.  So the hell with the park rangers.

Now came the challenge of what to use to get the fire going and how to get the huge logs cut into something that wasn’t a short fat log. So I used a knife I bought at a Marilyn Manson concert back when I was around 14. At the time it was the coolest thing I have ever bought. After Rambo-ing the logs it clicked in my head that I should be chopping the logs down to a more workable size. The tip broke off of my knife, you can see it in the picture,  so I started the knife in the log and started hammering them down on a man-sized boulder. Great thinking on my part.

I also had some pre-made Petballs, Petroleum rolled with some dryer lint, since I have started becoming a prepper for survival. This really made the fire start slow with some dry twigs I found. Then quickly moved up to bigger sticks which made the fire just keep getting bigger.

This whole fire challenge was fun for me since It was a Man Trial I have never had. So you can mark that on my man card. What kept me going on that fearful day was remembering her words, which were more smug than helpful, she said “you like survival stuff now prove it.”

First Cookout My First Fire

Thanks all survival blogs I follow.

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