Building rounder kids

For the last year I have volunteered as a Den Leader for the Cub Scouts. It’s also a good spot to mention that I have never been in Scouts or to a meeting before, so it’s all new to me. I made a great plan for the kids and even kept it exciting. I am looking for a full-time job and I would really enjoy volunteering again as a den leader. I plan on getting the scouts to be more community helpful with community service projects and doing some fundraising. Even though some of the kids are moody little drama queens.  I plan is that it will show the scouts that each of us can help change someone else life.Kayaking

I have noticed from my time working as an assistant tee-ball coach that every kid wants to play and hit but no one wants to pass the ball. They all want to make the play. I’ve had our center outfielder run in a ball to try to tag the guy out at home. They love being part of a team but don’t understand the aspects of teamwork. This is also my son’s first year in scouts and tee-ball, so this is why I am barely finding out about this behavior in kids. Now I’ve noticed that when you talk to people about being in scouts that they at least know someone who was in scouts or at least girl scouts. My new mind frame about scouting was changed by a vendor at a Renaissance Festival. He said “scouting is you and your son doing fun things with a small group of his friends and their parents.” Without knowing this connected everything in scouting that we have done in the last year. As a group we have done fun things but I also see as a parent where we are lacking in building up our sons’ character.

This is why I plan on showing the den’s kids how we can help the community by volunteering our free time to help people. I want to strengthen their will to help serve. Right now we only know of maybe 2 programs in our area  that help serve children in our immediate vicinity: backpack program, and the angel tree.


If anyone has suggestions of charities to help or funding we can do or help out let me know in the comments. Thanks.

One thought on “Building rounder kids

  1. Welcome to Cub Scouts…it can be challenging but fun. I was my son’s Den Leader from Tigers to Webelos. Now I’ve taken over his Boy Scout troop (after being an assistant Scoutmaster for the past four years). It is fun but stressful at times. It is also a lot tougher than my day job at the prison.

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