Fatherhood book project


I am glad to announce that I have signed on with 59 other fathers to write and publish a book about fatherhood.

Since that is a huge project I am a little scared to tell my girlfriend. I don’t think she is the kind of person to say that I a
m wasting my time but it also doesn’t look good that I don’t have a job. This is also on top of volunteering as a District Committee Chairman, South Dakota Recruitment Chair, and as a Wolf Cub Scout Den Leader. So even though I’m not getting paid I am busy.

Either way this book is going to be a challenge for all of us. I believe only 1 or maybe 2 people in the group have actually done something close to writing a book. The writers are a close group of 60 dad bloggers, a lot of whom are SAHD (Stay At Home Dads).  So far it seems as if we have our sh*t together and delegating priorities correctly.

We are at the idea stage. It is a survival A to Z book on fatherhood. Not an idea I would have went with but a lot of the guys think it would be a  good seller.

This would be a great project for my sons to see when it’s finished. I believe they will appreciate it, and understand that their father has many talents. I want to instill a sense of not only wanting more but not just seeing one road for their future. In all fairness this is why I do more things, for them.

So if any one of you have been part of a book that published let me know how things worked out for you. Should I look out for anything?

Sorry about the short post, I am just really excited and wanted to let people know. Thanks for your time.

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