Stop my Whiny son.

My son just had 2 of his cub scout friends come over for the day and one of them was here for the last 2 days. And both days started the same, 45 minutes of fart/burp jokes then more weird behavior about boobs. They would hold up balls or anything circular and would say hey look “boobs”. This was really funny since I have never seen him act this way with other people. It was funny though to see what kids his age are thinking about. Not everything I found out was funny about his behavior.

What I learned was that my son is kind of whiny. I don’t think in a horrible way but he did say “stop it or lets do it this way” once in a while. I took it as him meaning do it my way or I’m going to keep whining. So my question is: Is it normal for kids to whine to other kids as in “stop you’re not playing fair.” I do understand that kids are just kids and don’t think much about other kids feelings or even what they mean when they say things. But when is too much whining bad for them. I want him and his brother to always feel that they can say something to another person if they feel strong about something but not to the point that it’s annoying. I guess its one of those annoying things that no one tells you about raising kids like not pointing out that a person is missing an arm or that someone has a really big nose. Just chalk it up to another awkward moment about being a parent.

I don’t want to paint wings on my little angels, he also had his bad moments. He didn’t listen to us at times and we had to repeat ourselves a more times than a few, but he eventually would do it. Maybe it started around this age be we started noticing him giving us a little bit of an attitude. So a heavy sign or a little eye roll isn’t uncommon but at this moment it’s not out of hatred or disgust. It’s great though I can see a little angry teen coming out in him and can’t wait to meet him.

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