My Fatboy or soon to be bullied son

We use very hurtful nicknames for our kids. I call my 7 year old “Fatboy” and my 2 year old “Chubbs”. I don’t say it to be mean but that’s just the nick name that stuck with them. And for a while there my 7 year old really liked Fatboy Tobacco till he found out what Tobacco was (we saw it on a sign one day while we were in a different city.) So he rather just have it as Fatboy since he really likes it. DSCN5909
Now once again I have to mention that I love my sons more than life, again before someone gets mad at me. My girlfriend is still working on her Masters in counseling or something like that, but I’m pretty sure if I was doing something emotionally damaging she would stop me, especially because she feels she’s smarter than me. Since she also calls them playful names, I’m guessing that it’s okay. Believe it or not we aren’t trying to create bullies. But we are trying to get them to give each other awesome names.
I would like to give him a nickname but it seems like it should be earned through some act of awesomeness. So far he has given himself the name of Turbo (lost that name to a robot he named), Robot (he named a robot Robot Contreras), and he had the name of SuperSpeed but gave that name away to a fish we had.
In games he also goes by AJ, his first and his middle names initials. I don’t remember where I got my nickname from I just remember all the names I was called/teased with as a kid growing up by my brothers and family. And most of them were nice ones. He also needs a nickname other kids or family can call him but we aren’t sure what a good one is.
I wonder if he will choose a name from Dungeons and Dragons. I am getting back into playing it after 14 years and even though my girlfriend thinks it geeky I know my boys will follow in my footsteps. Even better than that is that In Game my character will have sons also so when my character dies and my sons grow up to play they can add to their story line about revenging my death. I know that’s me geeking out but dam that’s funny. He’s only played 1 session, about 4 hours, and he really liked the fighting and fun parts but kind of didn’t really appreciate the story line or interaction with NPCs. (Non Player Character)

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