Busy life of a dad

Man has my life been busy: I started collaborating on a book (which is almost done and ready to be published), started a new job, continued being a den leader, ran day camps, got my kid into an archery club and even had my other son start preschool.

Since I started my job as a Youth Coordinator my life has been a lot of fun mixed with work. But I am spending a lot of time outside of the house without the boys, which is a big change for me. I am still a strong supporter on other parts of their lives, including sports and school that they are in. In fact next week is daddy and donuts day at the preschool and I will be happily eating donuts instead of working that morning.

I would like you to thank all the dads out there who have a busy schedule and still make time to be with their kids. I wish I could blog more but I am going to try to start a new blog and get a new site up for our dad book. But I do promise to publish more on here as well.

Thanks for being here.