Robert Contreras

Hi, I’m Robert J Contreras, an entrepreneur minded individual with HR skills, Business Development Manager, Cook and excited to create new businesses from the ground up. I’m looking up to get up.

My sons and I

To get the personal level of it. I became a father almost overnight. I met my son’s mother in college and after a short while, she decided to leave with him. My son’s mother finally contacted me after 3 and a half years to let me know she wanted me in my son’s life. So when I met him he was a walking, talking, and his own person. So now, I had this huge hurdle to overcome. How to meet my son. The hard part of first meeting him was do I hug him or do I shake his hand? Looking back now the first contact I had with him was holding his hand as we got a refill of soda.

I am also the project manager of the Dad Bloggers Book Series which we have a book coming out in February of 2016. Make sure you pre-order it. Thanks.


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