Am I raising my sons right?

I really don’t think it has to be mentioned that I am proud of my sons, to you the reader.  Hoping that you have already read my other post you can assume that I am like most parents and love my children and want nothing but the best for them. 

The challenge I see lay before me is figuring out how to not only raise them but to give them every opportunity to excel at everything in life to become great people. But like more journeys you never know how the end result will be until the end. So I question what areas should I be concentrating on.

It is hard to figure out what level of reading or math my son should be for a first grader in the world ranking.

Let me explain something at this moment. I strongly feel that our current education system is failing us and our children. We are falling behind in the world rankings of education and to  compensate that, we are lowering our students requirements to get the grade.

Just to see where he stands and to see what we need to work on. We did get him started on reading and math during the summer before kindergarten. And now he is one of the top kids in his class on both. I have read an article where 2 parents raised their 3 kids to be awesome at chess and when they grew up 2 of them were chess masters.

Now this isn’t what I am planning to do with my kids, pushing a “career” idea on them. So none of this “you’re going to be a doctor, or a surgeon” crap. I believe we are going to push the idea of being great at things because of the effort you put into it.

If anyone has an idea or a suggestion of what would be a great plan or a suggestion to follow it would be much appreciated.


Fatherhood Sucks

It came to me the other day as I was stuck taking another cold shower, sometimes it sucks to be a father. Whenever my family has to go somewhere and everyone showers guess who job it is to get the cold shower that’s left over. It’s almost a weekly ice bath that I am the lucky recipient of. No thank yous or I’m sorrys just hurry up dad mom wants to go. This is just one of the many rewards I get for being a dad.

Even ice cream can be taken away from me with a simple p-p-please. Of course not the whole ice cream but the bite at the end of the cone where the chocolate is at. I understand what Rodney Dangerfield meant by “I get no respect.” It sometimes makes me laugh when I think about because it was my favorite part to eat as a child. Even then I had to hurry up and eat it before something or one of my brothers would try a plan to get it from me. Continue reading

My SuperDad powers

DSCN2887I have noticed in my 17 months of fatherhood that I have these super powers. I am destroyer of monsters and creator of some. I can calm any child with a snug embrace or put to sleep anyone in the home. I am the warm face they see first in the morning, and deliver of punishment. I am dad.

With this new abilities thrust upon me I have to be careful on how they affect my kids. I am a great father to my 5 month old. He loves seeing me every minute of the day. When he’s grumpy/hungry/sad or anything, and he sees me he has the biggest smile on his face. So there is nothing wrong I can do by him. That little guy loves me for anything I do.

I’m a giant to my oldest son not just in size but in knowledge. The never ending questions have evolved into questioning of why and bordering scientific research. Sometimes its hard to punish him for being curious, even though some things get broken along the way I’m his sparing partner, his coach, the guy that knows about all the x-men and every cartoon in the world.