He wrote he wants to kill my son.

I got a phone call from my girlfriend sounding pissed. The cops had called her first. After reassuring her that no one was hurt. He told her that our son was in an altercation with another student.


A=my son, J=the other kid, Z=third kid (All kids are in 3rd grade)

From the cops point of view. ~11:15 am

A gave the substitute teacher a letter that said “I want to kill myself” and on the other side it said “I’m going to kill you.” A said J gave him the letter. He took the kids out of the room and separated them so everyone is safe. But he just wanted to let us know what was going on.

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My Fatboy or soon to be bullied son

We use very hurtful nicknames for our kids. I call my 7 year old “Fatboy” and my 2 year old “Chubbs”. I don’t say it to be mean but that’s just the nick name that stuck with them. And for a while there my 7 year old really liked Fatboy Tobacco till he found out what Tobacco was (we saw it on a sign one day while we were in a different city.) So he rather just have it as Fatboy since he really likes it. DSCN5909
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Stop my Whiny son.

My son just had 2 of his cub scout friends come over for the day and one of them was here for the last 2 days. And both days started the same, 45 minutes of fart/burp jokes then more weird behavior about boobs. They would hold up balls or anything circular and would say hey look “boobs”. This was really funny since I have never seen him act this way with other people. It was funny though to see what kids his age are thinking about. Not everything I found out was funny about his behavior. Continue reading

Am I raising my sons right?

I really don’t think it has to be mentioned that I am proud of my sons, to you the reader.  Hoping that you have already read my other post you can assume that I am like most parents and love my children and want nothing but the best for them. 

The challenge I see lay before me is figuring out how to not only raise them but to give them every opportunity to excel at everything in life to become great people. But like more journeys you never know how the end result will be until the end. So I question what areas should I be concentrating on.

It is hard to figure out what level of reading or math my son should be for a first grader in the world ranking.

Let me explain something at this moment. I strongly feel that our current education system is failing us and our children. We are falling behind in the world rankings of education and to  compensate that, we are lowering our students requirements to get the grade.

Just to see where he stands and to see what we need to work on. We did get him started on reading and math during the summer before kindergarten. And now he is one of the top kids in his class on both. I have read an article where 2 parents raised their 3 kids to be awesome at chess and when they grew up 2 of them were chess masters.

Now this isn’t what I am planning to do with my kids, pushing a “career” idea on them. So none of this “you’re going to be a doctor, or a surgeon” crap. I believe we are going to push the idea of being great at things because of the effort you put into it.

If anyone has an idea or a suggestion of what would be a great plan or a suggestion to follow it would be much appreciated.