The Things a Stay at Home does

Not one person has said it but you can see when they say “you stay at home with your kids?” , that they imply that your kinda of a mooch for not having a job. That in some part of the conversation they feel like it’s sleep all day and play video games, the never-ending college dorm days.

My job at home is never-ending. Last time I had a day off was in the beginning of March when my mother stayed with us for a few weeks. Other than that MAYBE once every two months. Those are the days my girlfriend takes the kids for the day to another city to go shopping and I get to stay at home. Which is just either playing, usually shooting games that my kids can’t watch me play. Or hear me talking into the headset since the first and ONLY incident.

The incident was when I first got the PS3 and headset and decided to say a few words and in the middle of the words I saw that my son was watching. I caught myself before he heard something that wasn’t suppose to hear and hear me say “Mother of……” then quickly came the word “dog!”. So now when he is playing a game or gets hurt he says “Mother of dog”. Yeah that one was my fault, I’ll take all the blame on that one. On the bright side it gave me a great way of learning that I need to watch EVERY thing that comes out of my mouth.

There are things I wish I could do for hours at a time without getting into trouble or being a bad father. I would love to play video games, watch TV, go out drinking, champagne beer pong, have a hobby, pretend to like sport, hell SLEEP IN but most of my time is spent taking care of two guys who just want attention. It’s an all day thing. If one’s not hungry the other one is. This messes with their nap times also since one is eating and the other is just playing. So it’s a constant feeding time.  But the few times that they both fall asleep at the same time I get to read things on my computer but then it’s Mission Impossible around here. Sneaking around trying to do things that aren’t loud or jumping over the parts of the floor board that creak when you step on them. This can go on for up to three hours. Those days are almost the greatest unscheduled breaks where I can be off of father duty.

Most of my free time goes into future planning: birthdays, school registration, teaching my children everything, college requirements, apartment finding, shopping list, car maintenance, doctor appointments, check ups, all other kinds of fun things to do with the family, and working on and keeping the budget. Yes I do all of that. Even though most of my ideas for gifts, lessons, shopping list, and fun things for the family to do get shot down with playful negativity. I still think of great gifts for her father because he’s only been given gifts from four daughters for the last 26 years. The lessons I teach my son are sometimes harsh ones but I was raised in a more harsher way of getting hit when you did something wrong. I am not so quick with spankings but more of the harsher father doesn’t approve of voice and no playing 3DS for a day punishment. The fun things I mention to her are not her idea of fun, going to a Monster Truck show or going to watch a WWE event or riding a motorcycle. But we do more free family oriented things, which is still very fun.

So most of my day is on a hectic hurry to make others happy and also to make sure that when my significant other gets home that I can solve as many of our problems as possible.

P.S. She had a bad day yesterday at work and came home upset so tonight we decided to scare her when she got home.

It was creepier when he was smiling.

This is how we cheer up mom

Budget talks with the Girlfriend

Once in a while my dear sweet girlfriend/mother of my children gets all huffy and puffy from work and decides to take it out on me. I know it’s not about me it’s more about work frustration then anything else.

Just as in most households the most talked about subject in relationships in money, and just like a snowball it gets better worse from there. Now I would like to stop for a second and let you know that these “discussions” are just that. Not fighting, just us talking in a healthy fashion about what worries we have and how we can fix those worries. I believe this is what you call maturity relationship discussions.

This thing about these little discussions happen a little too much almost at least once a week. Which isn’t bad because I think it’s brought on by the fact that we are on a tight budget but not at the point where we have to pinch pennies, but also not at the point where all of our debt paid off . What’s great about it is that it helps us teach our children about not wasting anything. We don’t go into detail about finances with our sons but I explain things to him about waste. Not to take a bite out of an apple and say that he doesn’t want it, like his mother.

It makes me feel almost as if I was the bad guy waiting till she gets home to give her the bad news or bills that have come in for the day. Or worse the house snitch, telling on my sons behavior all day.  But to tell you the truth she’s horrible with keeping a schedule or budget so I really don’t mind keeping track of things if it helps us all out.