Tokens for my children’s memories

I love my kids but my memory is horrible. Just an example of how my memory works, I can’t remember what time my sons were born or what floor of the hospital it happened on or even what room it was in. But I remember my first one we had McDonald’s after he was born. So now I take pictures, a lot of pictures.  I’m not saying that my mind is worse than others or that it’s hard for me to remember things, it’s that there are some things that I would like to really hold close to me.

When we go anywhere such as MT Rushmore or when we went to Houston to visit my family, we go on a budget. With this thought that I keep to myself. If we don’t buy a big burger today than we can use that money tomorrow when someone gets thirsty and pay for the larger or more expensive drink at the place we are seeing. So we all get to enjoy the show/roller coaster ride or whatever we went to see plus get something at the place. Like I said in my mind it’s better for us to skimp on the little things to make a memory.

family = my kids and girlfriend     FAmily = my family and extended

I would like to clarify that by saying the little things I don’t mean spending time with the other family or not going out to eat or even getting a worse hotel room to stay in. Desserts or an extra appetizer for the FAmily gathering at dinner would be a few things that could be cut to say a little. They are my FAmily and so I don’t fell like I have to prove to them that I have a lot of money to throw around. I love them and me spending time with my FAmily is showing them how I care about them. And I think that this is something that I would like to stress with my family so they grow up knowing that money doesn’t show you love someone.

So my son and I have started collecting pressed pennies from places we visit. Just to have something to actually hold and talk about when we see it. To me I know I can’t afford the best gifts or the biggest gift from the shop, but at least I can give him the memory of going there and having fun.

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